How to Use a Charbroiler the Best Ways

Charbroilers can be very useful pieces of kitchen equipment because they give food a unique, smoky flavor. You can get the most out of your commercial charbroiler if you know how to use it well and keep it in good shape.

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How to Cook with a Charbroiler

Charbroilers let commercial kitchens make their food look and taste unique by using a set of evenly spaced burners or radiants under grates. 

These grates are used to cook on. Food can cook quickly when the temperature is high.

 There are different ways to heat them, such as with radiant gas or infrared. Here are some ways to use a charbroiler to get the most out of it.

Cook vegetables and proteins like meat, fish, and seafood directly on the grates to seal in flavor and lightly char them, giving them the grill marks and a light, smoky flavor.

If most of what you serve is lean meats and vegetables, you might want to think about getting an infrared charbroiler. Infrared charbroilers work best with foods that need to be cooked at high temperatures for a short amount of time. Another benefit is that most infrared units use very little energy.

Make sure your charbroiler is clean and in good shape.

Tips for Charbroiler Maintenance Every Day

Seasoning your charbroiler on a regular basis and keeping it clean will help keep it in good shape. Every day, you should do certain things to make sure that your charbroiler works at its best.

The best time to season your charbroiler is in the morning, before you turn it on. Grease the grate well with oil and wipe off any extra. Heat your charbroiler until the oil starts to smoke. Repeat as many times as you need to until the grate has a shiny, dark finish.

Throughout the day, clean your charbroiler, making sure to get rid of any leftover food.

You can turn off parts of your charbroiler with different controls to save energy and wear on the grate

 If you have regular breaks, like between meals, you can turn off some of the charbroiler's channels to save energy and wear and tear.

Use a thin layer of oil at the end of the day to help keep things from rusting.

For more information on how to take care of your charbroiler, including more tips and how to fix problems, check out this helpful guide: Maintaining Your Charbroiler: Tips and Techniques


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