How to Clean Your Commercial Microwave: 8 Tips for a Shiny Oven

In 1947, the first commercial microwave was used in a restaurant in Boston. Since then, commercial microwaves have become an important part of the food business.

If your commercial microwave takes care of you, you should take care of it, too. Keeping your microwave clean will make sure you don't break any health rules and will also make it last longer.

Read on to find out how to clean a microwave.

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1. Get rid of all food crumbs.

Before you start to clean your commercial microwave, you should first get rid of any extra crumbs. If you pick up any extra food crumbs first, it will take you much less time to clean.

Take a towel or piece of paper towel and pick up all the crumbs in the microwave.

2. Take off any parts that come off

Once you've cleaned up all the crumbs in the microwave, you can take out any parts that may need to be cleaned.

Most microwaves have rotating trays that can be taken out and cleaned more easily because they can be taken off. Before you take any of the parts off, make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions to find out how to do it.

Use dishwasher soap and warm water to clean the tray that turns. You can use a sponge or a dishrag to gently scrub the tray.

If the tray is very dirty, soak it for a few minutes in dish soap and water before you try to scrub it. If the grease doesn't come off, you can let it soak for a few more minutes.

Make sure the tray is dry before you put it back in the microwave.

3. Get the Food Deposits That Won't Move

After you've cleaned up all the loose crumbs and taken the tray out, it's time to deal with the stuck-on food.

Don't try to do this job with a dry sponge or towel. You'll need to soak a microfiber towel or cloth in warm water and dish soap.

If you haven't cleaned your microwave in a while, this will be a bit of a challenge. Don't try to do this with a paper towel because it will just fall apart.

Start cleaning the inside of the microwave with the rag. Make sure to clean every surface, and don't go too far into the vents.

The microwave's circuitry is kept safe by the vents. Make sure you only use a soft cloth and don't scrub the inside of the microwave, which could scratch it.

For instance, you shouldn't use a knife to get food out of the way.

4. Get a commercial cleaner for your microwave

You should use a commercial cleaner from time to time to make sure that your commercial microwave is clean. Remember that you can't use a commercial cleaner for a microwave to clean a regular oven.

The way a microwave cleaner is made keeps food from getting stuck in the microwave and makes it easier to clean. If you want better results from a store-bought cleaner, make sure to follow the directions on the label.

If you don't have any commercial microwave cleaner on hand, you can also use baking soda and water as a natural deodorizer. Make a paste of baking soda and water, and use a clean towel to scrub the inside.

Use a clean, damp towel to wipe up the extra baking soda.

5. Clean your microwave by boiling it

As we already said, nothing is worse than having to clean a commercial microwave where food has hardened and stuck to the walls. 

You have to soften the food that is stuck to make it easier to clean.

Making a cloud of steam is the best way to get rid of that crusty food. To start, you only need water and lemon juice. You don't need any fancy cleaners.

Put 1 1/4 cups of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice in a dish that can be heated in the microwave. 

Set the microwave to high for seven minutes if you want the water to boil.

Let the water sit in the microwave for an extra five minutes after it has been boiling for seven minutes. This will make cleaning the inside of the microwave much easier.

Use a damp towel to wipe down the inside of the microwave. If some food doesn't come off on the first try, you can try again.

6. Get the outside ready

Even though the inside of the microwave is more important, you can't forget about the outside.

You can clean the outside of the microwave with the same things you use to clean other kitchen surfaces. Make sure that the things you use won't hurt your microwave. Green or environmentally friendly products work best in microwaves.

7. Clean the microwave oven

Having too much dust on the outside of the microwave can also hurt it. If there is too much dust in the back of the microwave, it could damage the way it works.

Unplug the microwave from the wall before you clean it or dust it.

You can use a damp rag or a microfiber cloth to clean the outside. You need to use a dry rag to dry the microwave.

Don't forget to clean the dust off the cord as well. 

You don't have to clean the cord as often to get rid of dust. You can clean the microwave at the same time as you clean the rest of your kitchen.

8. Wash the Outside

How you clean the outside of your microwave will depend on what kind you have. 

The digital number displays on newer models are more complicated and could be broken if you aren't careful.

Make sure you clean the microwave's digital display carefully so that you don't hurt the sensors. Using strong chemicals could hurt your microwave. Use soap and water or a cleaner made especially for digital devices.

Use antibacterial wipes to clean the microwave's handle, since a lot of people touch it.

The Bottom Line on How to Clean a Commercial Microwave Oven

Now that you know how to clean a commercial microwave oven, it's time to make it shine.

Start by getting rid of any loose crumbs. Then, take out the rotation tray, clean any leftover food, and wipe the outside clean.


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